Saturday, April 05, 2014


Louie you were such a good friend to me.  When you got laid off from Verizon I wanted to reach out to you and let you know you had a place to stay.  You changed your phone number and dropped out of sight.  I tried finding you through your sister Lyn and I hope she did reach you.  I was worried about you.  I know what its like not having a job.   Its been years now and your still hard to find.

I hope you are well.  Just wanted to let you know that there is people around that care about you


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th A REVIEW

Snobs of any kind will never like "Friday the 13th"  or any of the sequels. However the audience for these films were always rewarded with a good time and this documentary is made for them and you know they will love this. I know I did.

I have been of fan of these films for the beginning.  I have seen all of them in theaters.  Yes I liked some more then others but I think of  like James Bond movies.  Some of those are loved and some of them are hated.  

Now what I love about this set is the fact it was made by fans.  These guys know what questions to ask and we get the answers.   

This set really is worth buying.  (IF the $30 price tag is too high buy it any way and sell off the dvds or blu-ray)  that would reduce the price.

The part of the set I love the most is the segment on "Friday the 13th Part VII".  This happens to be one of my favorite sequels.   

What was sad to find out was that Paramount discarded  the deleted gore.  So we will never get an unrated version however it is still possible to get one. Basically everything that was cut can be re-created on the cheap,  Almost all of it can be insert shots.  Easy film with body doubles and easily can be re-incorporated back into the film. 

I love the fact that they got Frank Mancuso Jr (who was heavily involved most of the sequels) who gives a very truthful interviews.   

The only thing I wish that they could of done was go back to the locations where they filmed "Friday the 13th  Part V".  I grew up in  Ventura County CA the area where they shot part of the film.    FYI the restaurant where Lana gets it has been used in lots of films and tv shows including "Raising Hope" and "Twin Peaks".  One day I will post photos of that location. 

This set  runs 7 hours and has a bonus dvd that runs an additional 4 hours.    


Sunday, September 01, 2013


I was a Freshmen in high school in 1981.  I remember seeing a story on KNXT Channel 2 (Now KCBS) on a movie premiere of a student made horror film "Teacher's Pet".  I always curious about this film and I wanted to see it then and still want to see it today!  Now that it's  fall and "Halloween" season I was curious about this film (after 31 years) so   I looked on You Tube to see if it ever posted and so far "no"!

Now in 1987 I remember also reading a story in the now defunct magazine "Premiere" about the guy who made the film.  I don't remember much about the story except I remember the guy who made it said "It did make money"..

Well whoever owns this film can you please send me a vhs or Dvd Please!    I'll pay for it

You can reach me at  or

Thursday, August 29, 2013

HAS GEORGE "EATS" EADS been fired from csi

Word has it that George Eads is on leave from CSI.   He said to had a fight with a pregnant writer on the show.   Its not known if and when he will return.  Maybe CBS and the shows producers are seeing if the ratings will decline without George. However getting rid of him and hiring someone else playing a new character would reduce  the cost of the show!



Blockbuster Video And why it declined. Blockbuster was a ruthless corporation. . When they came along VHS was the home video format. At the time most NEW RELEASES ON VHS would cost (wholesale) about $60.00. Thus that is why "VIDEO STORES" came along. These independent stores would buy 5-10 copies ( a huge investment) and rent them out. When Blockbuster opened up a store they would buy 20-40 copies and charge about $1.00. Once they drove the mom and pop stores broke they would be the only store in town and then they would  raise  rental prices. Movies that were once only $1.00 to rent now were $2.50. Once domination happened in one market BLOCKBUSTER would then open up another store in a new area and repeat their process. This happened everywhere. Once Blockbuster was the #1 Video Chain  they became very stupid on how they would handle the stores that they owned! Like most corporations they went by the "ONE SIZE FITS ALL". This model in reality was its downfall.

I worked at a Blockbuster from 1997 - 1998 and saw this first hand. I worked in an upscale neighbor hood. My customers wanted the "Art Films" and Blockbuster would never buy the films that these customers wanted to see.   I remember BB bought 30 tapes of "Contact". This was a huge waist for this store because every night there were still copies still left on the shelf. In fact the store had about 6 tapes of this film that never rented once! We later sold them off for $12-$14 ea but that was still had a huge write off of $46 each! These films might of rented out all the time at other stores but not at mine. Every store has a different customer base and Blockbuster failed to see this.

They however should of bought copies of the following films that would be hot rentals at my store "Paradise Road" "The Van" "Shall We Dance" &; "Kiss Me Guido". Now not every store would be able to rent out these films however my store would! Now you might not of herd of these films but my customers did. After all this was Woodland Hills Ca and lots of people in this area are not only movie fans but they worked at the major studios. They knew movies! They wanted to see more independent films on the shelves. So my boss let me order films and the films that I ordered (see the titles above) and you know what these films (and many others I ordered) were always rented. In the year I worked at the store I helped drive up the business by 20%. However Blockbuster failed (again) to see how we drove up the rental business for that location. I quit working at BB only because I was tired of working 2 jobs. 2 years after I left this location closed...

Now another reason why BB is going broke was because they kept raising rental prices! Once DVDs came on the market BB cost of good went down by 2/3. The wholesale price on the average DVD was now $15-$20. However BB still kept raising DVD rental prices. I remember having to pay $5 for a new release however REDBOX had the same film for $1. BB kept losing market share to not only REDBOX but NETFLIX as well. There greed did them in.

BB is now  gone. Killed by Cooperate Greed and Ignorance.  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Fast Exit from "The View" is all so telling

Rumors proved to be true that Elizabeth was no longer wanted on "The View".     Now it was denied of course when it was leaked that Elizabeth wasn't being renewed however most of us knew it was true.  

Now what I find so telling is the fact on Tuesday FOX NEWS announces that Elizabeth is joying "Fox and Friends" in September.  The next day at "The View" is Elizabeth's last day and there isn't even a "Clip show" to highlight her p[past 10 years on the show!    THEY WANTED HER GONE!   

Good Luck EH at FOX NEWS.  Glad your there because I never watch FOX NEWS because I am not a racist... 



On episode 3 of the television show "Twin Peaks"  Agent Cooper was seen entering the Black Lodge the date in 3/25/2014. In the movie "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" he is said be trapped in the black lodge but in scenes deleted from the TPFWWM  he escapes.  Well it would be "GREAT" if in real life DAVID LYNCH finally release the deleted footage and do so in that date 3/25/2014.  It would be awesome!